Some of these are amazing and would make awesome tattoos...others are a bit too strange for my taste.

Incredible Moleskin drawings

Funny pictures about Incredible Moleskine drawings. Oh, and cool pics about Incredible Moleskine drawings. Also, Incredible Moleskine drawings.

tim walker version of a rabbit < alice in wonderland, mirrors and derelict #AliceinWonderland

Lady Grey Vogue Italia March 2010 photographer: Tim Walker stylist: Jacob K models: Stella Tennant.

Love this distorted collage effect, could do this using animal and human faces

Technique Inspiration: collage/ mixed media Love this distorted collage effect, could do this using animal and human faces

280 x 398

ARTFINDER: The Stare by andy butler - Pencil and paint mixed media work base on the concept of fragmentation. I was interested in the intensity of her gaze on me and the viewer.

Mind devour, Surreal Drawing by Sebastian Eriksson

Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions - StumbleUpon Mind devour by Sebastian Eriksson

Distorsion identitaire #design #glitch

Jenn' Gauthier ~ "Distorsion identitaire" creating a kind of deformation or be observed all the fragments of the person who weaves, is lost.

“Impermanence” is a series of portraits by Korean photographer and microbiologist Seung-Hwan Oh who drowns his films camera before using them, into a cultivation of fungus mushrooms. The bacterias devour the film for an abstract and destroyed result. A beautiful way to mistreat a film and to rebel against the perfect and idealized pictures we see everywhere nowadays.

South Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh creates beautiful portraits by letting fungus grow on film.

Fused Portraits by Antonio Mora |

Fused Portraits by Antonio Mora

Beautifully Surreal Portrait Series Blended into Landscape Photos by Antonio Mora. Spanish artist Antonio Mora specializes in creating dream-like self-port