Jungle small world :: play dough fun On offer today we had some homemade green play dough, some leaves and flowers picked from the garden, and a few stalks of broccoli. What could we make?

Jungle small world :: play dough fun

Great idea for a jungle small world made with play dough Some homemade play dough and a few loose parts, together with a child’s imagination, soon make a fabulous jungle small world. Here’s one way we use play dough for imaginary play and story telling.

Make a River - imaginative play in the sand pit!

Make a River! Easy Imaginative Play in the Sand Pit.

This imaginative play set up is easy to put together and loads of fun! Make a river in your sandpit that really holds water!

We love crafts from around the world. Not only is it wonderful to get craft with new ideas, but also to learn about different cultures. These Chinese Cherry Blossom Fans are simply adorable a perfect craft for Chinese New Year –  or maybe even as a Spring Craft as we eagerly anticipate the warmer weather.…

Ideas for Chinese crafts for kids at Chinese New Year, including Cherry Blossom inspired Chinese fans, Painting with coin printing and more.

Cress World Map. Celebrate Earth Day with a sensory world map. Watch the cress seeds grow and then add animals from around the globe. A taste safe sensory world map Tuff Spot

With Earth Day around the corner I wanted to set myself a challenge – to create a cress world map. Making the world would be difficult in itself but for me the challenge would be to grow the cress

Another "day at the beach" small world play

Pre-school Play: Beach Small World

Natural Animal Small World Play

Natural Animal Small World Play

Natural Animal Small World Play - The Imagination Tree

Moon Play! Small world play for kids about space

Moon Dust - Space Small World Play Astronomy Section

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