Jungle small world :: play dough fun On offer today we had some homemade green play dough, some leaves and flowers picked from the garden, and a few stalks of broccoli. What could we make?

Jungle small world :: play dough fun

Great idea for a jungle small world made with play dough Some homemade play dough and a few loose parts, together with a child’s imagination, soon make a fabulous jungle small world. Here’s one way we use play dough for imaginary play and story telling.

Make a River - imaginative play in the sand pit!

Make a River! Easy Imaginative Play in the Sand Pit.

Cress World Map. Celebrate Earth Day with a sensory world map. Watch the cress seeds grow and then add animals from around the globe. A taste safe sensory world map Tuff Spot

With Earth Day around the corner I wanted to set myself a challenge – to create a cress world map. Making the world would be difficult in itself but for me the challenge would be to grow the cress

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