Math activities that align to Common Core. Students must write how they solved the problem. One activity gives the answer and asks for the solution. Freebie...Love it!

Joyful Learning In KC: The Hungry Caterpillar Math Book - good resource for eyfs or

Cute "Ladybug Addition" activity for Preschool & Kindergarten math!

This activity works on basic math with children. The child counts how many dots are on each lady bug and adds them up. Say 1 lady bug had 3 dots and the other had 2 dots the child would add up the dots and get 5 as a result.

Activity+1+-+Students+cut+out+the+parts+of+a+butterfly+and+paste+in+the+appropriate+space Activity+2+-+Students+match+the+part+of+a+butterfly+with+its+definition Check+out+my+Butterfly+Life+Cycle+flipbook! Check+out+my+Butterfly+vs+Moth+mini+lesson!

Activity 1 - Students cut out the parts of a butterfly and paste in the appropriate space Activity 2 - Students match the part of a butterfly with.

Spider web on table legs

A drinking glass holds water, but only if you hold it the right way.