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Crochet star pattern.  www.1dogwoof.com

Crochet Star Ornament Pattern - saw a picture of this star on a place setting with the spoon and knife on the sides stuck through the 2 holes and the fork in the middle going under the point, through the hole and resting on it. So the star is "on top.

crochet curtain(no pattern)

Crochet curtain - CROCHET - Here are the new pictures from Bielsko-Biała (Poland). There were the "Hungarian days" between crochet installations, my exhibition of

how creatitve! - Crochet Monkey Brooch

Crochet Monkey Brooch by MonikaDesign on Etsy/ PURCHASED ITEM ONLY not a pattern / use as brooch, on backpack, hat, afghan, etc.