Complex Structures, Patrick Hickley. Hand printed cyanotypes on watercolour paper, with thread hand stitched over top.

Art idea stitch stereotypes over photos? Complex Structures - Patrick Hickley Hand printed cyanotypes on watercolour paper, with thread hand stitched over top.

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Feminine Genius lives in the 'other world' of creative energy, divine intelligence, mystery.

A Tea-Time Tea-Break Photogram … …for more of my photograms: click here

This is my journey into photograms/rayographs: Sometimes I take photos without a camera. In other words: I develop photograms. In "wiki" words: A photogram is a photographic image made without a.

Cassette tapes cyanotypes by Christian Marclay (via colossal) | effect of mass-component image, versus the individual/singular

Artist: Christian Marclay Cassette Tape Cyanotypes posters and prints cassettes alternative process

Wu Chi-Tsung Wrinkled Texture 016. Photograph, cyanotype, paper, 32 7/10 × 55 9/10”. 2013. Wrinkled Texture 015. Photograph, cyanotype, pa...

vjeranski: “WU CHI-TSUNG Wrinkled Texture 2013 Photograph, cyanotype, paper 59 × 44 in 152 × 112 cm ”

Hand-tinted Cyanotype prints by Turtlesilk

Cyanotype print from a composite digital negative. The original files were scans of parrot tulips. This cyanotype has been hand-tinted with watercolors.

Cyanotype | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This Cyanotype print by Brenda Introcaso came out extremely well. The silhouette of the woman and flowers are crisp and clear and I really enjoy how well the reflection of the woman and flowers came out.

Cyanotype by Poramit Thantapalit

Really interested in this type of design, especially placed over a photo? // Cyanotype by Poramit Thantapalit