Robert Morris - Untitled (Green Felt)

nicecollection: “Robert Morris - Untitled, Green FELT, metal, 220 X 185 X 75 cm ”

Ernesto Neto (1964 - )   We stopped just here at the time, 2002, 400 x 506 x 506 cm   Lycra, clou de girofle, curcuma, poivre

Ernesto Neto - ) We stopped just here at the time, 400 x 506 x 506 cm Lycra, clou de girofle, curcuma, poivre

'Untitled.' (1969)  Pink Felt.  by Robert Morris.

Artist Research – Robert Morris

Robert Morris Gorgeous movement Natural flow Gravity Letting the material behave as it's supposed to

Robert Morris

minimalist or post-minimalist works byMorris' there is something about his pieces made form industrial felt that I have such a connection to.fluid ,tactile and sensual textile art installation in abstract style

Artist: Robert Morris Date: 1973 Style: Post-Minimalism Minimalism is a trend in sculpture and painting that arose in the 1950s and used simple typically massive, forms. Robert uses materials such as, steel, fiberglass, and plywood to create a sculpture. The overall creation looks deconstructed and abstract. It also looks like it is about to break down.

Untitled (Brown Felt) by Robert Morris. Museums: Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York;

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