What to do with all those foreign coins you've saved?

Coin Art - foreign coin collection I LOVE this idea. Im slowly collecting foreign coins thrown in the tip jar at work, I think theyre really nifty and beautiful. Might not even wait for enough for a big frame, just get ittle ones to fill up :)

Mummy Halloween Craft.  I love this.

Old canning jars, medical gauze, googly eyes, a little modge-podge and a tealight: voila! Mummy candles for Halloween! Could use any jars after washing. Better start saving those jars.

Memories in a frame. Time to clean out those old shoeboxes filled with our concert tickets and movie stubs and make something cute!

All of our memories in a frame. My husband and I kept all concert tickets, festival passes, wrist bands,ect. Great idea but we would need a much bigger frame!

How to make DIY clay hearts decorations - so pretty! I made stars instead ... Love them!

DIY clay heart bunting

How to make DIY clay hearts decorations - so pretty! NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

Button craft letter

Cover a cardboard letter with colorful buttons to create a one-of-a-kind decoration and gift for the birthday girl.

Button Craft Ideas

Button craft project ideas for kids and adults. Art and craft ideas using buttons. Find crafts to do with vintage buttons. Make creative bracelets using buttons.

Fun and easy for kids to make.

reindeer candy canes - no instructions on site - easy to make; candy canes, yarn, googly eyes and red pom pom could also use pipe cleaners!

Button bowl: Glue buttons to a balloon. Let dry. Modge podge over the top. Let dry. Pop balloon.

I want to make a bowl with these exact buttons! (Button bowl Glue buttons to a balloon. Let dry Modge podge over the top Let dry Pop balloon Enjoy bowl!

rather than throw away, drop in more tickets as the years go on! look back later and see what you did. hoarding the classy way. THIS IS GENIUS FOR ALL MY CONCERT TICKETS OMG.

I have almost every movie ticket stub for movies Chris & I have gone to. A place for tickets {memory box} for concert tickets, baseball & football tickets. rather than throw away, this is a great way to display them.