London-Red Bus-Big Ben, Photography Poster Print, 24 by null, For the tv (on top)

Notting Hill

Love the distressed look of this bookstore storefront. And with all of these pictures, my idea of a bookstore-pieshop hybrid is sounding sweeter and sweeter!

Scones and tea :)

Celebrate the mother-to-be with these baby shower tea party recipes for scrumptious tarts and scones, bite-size sandwiches, delicious cookies, and other sweet treats.

british boys:)

i just have a thing for british boys who can sing and look dashing in cardigans, okay?

Poster produced by the British Government during world war II to keep the people calm.

Classic WWII poster produced by British government during intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion.

George Craig.

He's the frontman of the insanely awesome British indie band One Night Only, a model for Burberry, Emma Watson's ex boyfriend and more impor.

Picadilly Circus

I recognise the photographer, must be Daniel -- he explained to me how to make good blue hour/night pictures.