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Our Love Be So S/S 2015 Erstwhile Campaign - Milk Bath - Engagement Rings - Flower Fashion Photoshoot - Ophelia in a flower bath

Dubbed the "Queen of Double Eyes," artist Alex Garant depicts beautiful women that are multi-eyed and in double vision. The gorgeously-painted oi

Gorgeously Surreal Portraits Painted to Resemble Double Vision

fred hatt - mark making

need this color paper too. as well as those aquarelle crayons. Christopher by Fred Hatt, aquarelle crayon on paper, 29 x 19 Collection the artist.

A Level Art portraiture development

How to be successful and enjoy your A Level Art Exam

David Theron

David Theron

Drawings and paintings by artist David Theron. Found via the April Reader Submissions post. David Theron’s

flesh drawings in watercolour pencil

Keeping with Tradition – 29 Beautiful Traditional Drawings and Paintings

flesh drawings in watercolour pencil look at Jenny Saville - get students to press faces against a window and photograph from other side as reference - use grid to compose - accompany with lessons about contortion

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