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Timelapse of blossom tree painting
Adding the blue sky to this bold painting of a blossom tree.
Adding the blue sky to blossom trees
Timelapse of painting a blossom tree in my studio
a painting of a tree with pink flowers on it
Growing blossom trees in the studio
A blossom tree with florescent pink background showing through and bright blue background. Oil on arches paper.
Growing some #trees in my studio
Timelapse of me adding the sky to my latest tree painting - oil on board
a painting is being displayed in an artist's studio
View from Richmond hill
Oil on Di-bond (coated aluminium) 50x50cms by Emz Finch
an oil painting of the tower bridge in london, england with trees and blue sky
Tower bridge in the shade
Oil on linen board 20x20cms
an oil painting of trees and water
Queensmere Pond, Wimbledon Common
Oil on cradled panel, Emz Finch Art
a painting is being worked on in an artist's studio
Rushmore Pond, Wimbledon Common
Oil on arches paper
an easel sitting on top of a sandy beach
Painting on the beach at south sands, salcombe
Painting in acrylic on a small board at south sands beach, salcombe. Emz Finch
an easel sitting on top of a table covered in paint and other art supplies
Holiday evenings for painting the days!
Quick study in acrylics to capture the beauty of Salcombe Harbour! By Emz Finch Art
Painting a commission of Orford Quay, Suffolk
Timelapse painting of a commission of Orford Quay, Suffolk by Emz Finch Art
a person laying on the beach with their feet up next to a drawing book and pencil
Drawing south sands beach
Drawing whilst my mum plays with Martha. This is bliss!
an office area with desk, chair and computer on top of the desk is cluttered with various items
My humble studio set-up after painting! Emz Finch Art
My favourite place in the world - my studio.
the painting is being displayed on the easel in front of the cup and other art work
Clapham Common Tube station by Emz Finch
Oil on board, 30x30cms
Painting a sky - a timelapse
Finishing off a commission by Emz Finch