Harold Edgerton

1954 by Harold Eugene Edgerton Diver Bert West flips backwards in a multiflash shot that lasted less than half a second. West engaged Harold E. Edgerton to assist him in preparing a manual for divers.


The breathtaking pictures that show there's more to sport than meets the eye May 2007 Daily Mail A dozen identical-looking gymnasts cart-wheel and

long exposure

Blurred Long-Exposure Portraits Showing Dancers in Motion

Bill Wadman, a New York-based photographer, shot portraits of dancers in motion using a slow shutter speed. The resulting images are ethereal snapshots of lucid bodies gliding across the page, as if engrossed by some otherworldly transformation. by kay

artist Bill Wadman has captured 9 dancers in flowing motion with long exposure photography.

For his project titled Motion, Brooklyn, New York-based photographer Bill Wadman shot portraits of dancers with a slow shutter speed in order to capture th

U.S. Women's Gymnastics Wins Team Gold Medal At London Olympics. Kyla Ross performs on balance beam.

U.S. Gymnastics Takes Gold In Women's Team Final

In this multiple exposure photo, U. gymnast Kyla Ross performs on the balance beam during the Artistic Gymnastics women’s team final at the 2012 London Summer Olympics ~

Harold Edgerton

MOVEMENT- [repetition actions, opposites for filming single dancer for HOLE: Gus Solomons, Dancer by Harold E.