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Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. The Moonstone Blue one

Always liked these bad boys - Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. Takes me right back to the good old

Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 - Compomotive CXN 3 piece wheels

Ford Sierra Cosworth As a kid, I'd cut out any picture of these I could find from magazines and save them in a folder.

Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500

Sad news, Compomotive Wheels have closed down - another British wheel company vanishes….

Ford Sierra (Sapphire) RS Cosworth

Ford Sierra (Sapphire) RS Cosworth beast of a car , a real thing of beauty. We had one. Was gorgeous car 😍😍😍💖🚘

FORD Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth

FORD Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth - want one of these.

Ford Sierra Cosworth

Known in the U. as a Merkur Only we didn't get the Cosworth engines, just the crappy Ford that was introduced in the early in the Pinto. Ford was nice enough to add a turbo, but you can't polish a turd.