While I find this photo feels too noisy, I really like the concept. DG Oakill Photography.

This photo has geometric lines with many stripes being present in the image. The buildings in the background along with the sidewalk have black and white stripes which give the image many straight, geometric lines.

(c) david gibson

David Gibson: Spring loaded - (It looks as if the sign on the wall is a spring connected to the woman)

iN-PUBLiC | Nick Turpin

Street and Observed Photography for Advertising, Design and Editorial. Street Photography from London based Street Photographer Nick Turpin

David Gibson

“I probably spend more time looking at photographs than I do actually taking them. My shelves at home are lined with photography books.

iN-PUBLiC | Nick Turpin

Nick Turpin- I like how the position of the girl on the right mirrors the advertisement, and how like in the ad she is in the middle of the city