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This is a gateway to our blog! We promise to write great stuff that will keep you informed about how to best promote your expertise online. Interesting info about enth-users. and a little bit about ... us :)

Founder of Buffoon and Space to Work, a Role Model for Big Ideas Welsh Project and recently awarded with the Swansea Bay Young Entrepreneur 2013 Award, Adam Amor is a young entrepreneur with an already successful business record. Let’s have a closer look at what he has to say about entrepreneurship, exciting projects, challenges and tips to follow.

Wedding Photography  -paulkeventphoto

Wedding Photography -paulkeventphoto

Event Photography -paulkeventphoto

Event Photography -paulkeventphoto

Concert Photography -paulkeventphoto

We caught up with Paul Keeling to discuss about his field of expertise: the magical world of photography!

We had our first chat with Tanya Smith, founder of tanyasmithonline.com, and discussed with us about her expertise and passion for online business coaching, how she uses her enthuse.me profile and shared some great tips with us on how to create a business success online.

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