love this, 2 integrated armoires painted grayish prune like wall, one on each side of bedroom fireplace


noting the colors and flooring of this Georgian house in Whitechapel? I'm noting how the Windsor chair has had its legs cut down and then someone has restored them, honestly, with visible repairs.


Architectural Style: Georgian- A box shaped house with two story's, nine windows, five on top, four on bottom, and two chimneys.

"A new house in the New Forest," [CGI], Lymington, Hampshire. Ben Pentreath & Associates - Architecture & Masterplanning.

thefoodogatemyhomework: Proposal for a new (!) Georgian home in Lymington, Hampshire, England by Ben Pentreath Associates.


A romantic pile, deserving of a Jane Austin heroine I think.perhaps Eleanor & Edward's Rectory?