College dorm checklist - great for first time college goers! #WhyPayMore

Freshman College Dorm Room Essentials & Checklists

21 Useful Things That’ll Make Next Semester So Much Better Make sure your college dorm room has all the essentials. Look at these must-have checklists for your bed, organization, storage, studying

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From Lifehack - 100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier def putting dryer sheets on all of our house vents for spring cleaning time!

Dorm Room Lights Canopy

University Bedroom Ideas: How to Decorate your Dorm Room with Fairy Lights

Money saving ideas for students

Money Saving Tips 52 Week Money Jar Challenge 5 Ways to Say Why Not! to: Money Saving Tips

so manny different dorm room ideas and how to decorate your dorm on this site

LED lights and glass votives create this geometric neon wall art. Wall Sconces with Hidden Weather Display and Tangible User Interface