Use this Connect Four game to have students practice their Spanish numbers. They have to say the equation aloud in Spanish along with the sum.

Games to Strengthen Math Skills

Addition connect four - Love this easy printable version of connect 4 adapt the game for multiplication too!

For the highers, before we do inverse? Is as it looks they move their counter back the number. Could then write the number sentence.

Number Line Subtraction/Addition Game. Using this game students can become familiar with adding and subtracting small values from numbers with the aid of a number line. (Helps to teach Math is Magnitude)

Printable board games for hanging bags on desks, cardstock and laminate

Printable snakes and ladders board DUŠAN ČECH

Make Math Stick - Math Game For Kids

Make Math Stick - Math Game For Kids

Make Math Stick - Math Game For Kids math center game

The usual 1-100 snakes and ladders takes too long to play for my three DIY board game

Like this idea for developing subitising skills by recognising the Numicon pieces quickly, simple addition, counting on skills. Would be great for children with poor number recognition. Fab idea for an EYFS snakes and ladders.

Mixed Mental Maths Early Morning Work Activity. Aimed at years 1-6. Differentiated six ways.

Six differentiated mixed mental Maths early work activities for years 1 -

Vampire Maze – 4th Grade Math Worksheet for Division #JumpStart

Vampire Maze – Division Problem Worksheets for Kids –JumpStart

3rd Grade Gridiron

Grade Gridiron: Slides and Ladders multiplication game. The link to this is dead but I think it could be easily replicated.