Charlie :)

Charlie :)
UK / Yeah. I'm an Instagram and minecraft. Love my iPad. Directioner, mixer and sheerio.
Charlie :)
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bahahaahahahahahahahhahahahaha. studs!

BLONDE MOMENT :) Aww Harry its okk, darling I have wayyy too many blonde moments as well XD Ask my bfffls and family, they'll tell you XD

At first glance, I thought this was a hologram or a projected image. It amazes me how someone could have the patience to ensure each piece of thread was in place in order to come up with this as the final product. Intensive labor and love for art.

Thread installation by Gabriel Dawe. Plexus no. 9 + site specific installation at Peel Gallery + Gütermann thread, painted wood and hooks, Photo by Slyworks Photography.

you dont know youre beautiful, thats what makes you beautiful

Stephen Colbert on the complexity of One Direction's lyrics of 'What makes you beautiful'. Self confidence is what makes you beautiful, not make-up or a pretty dress.

Zerrie is so cute!!!

This is just one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Osmani Osmani Osmani Hafeji Malik Örn Kjartansson Jarchowán Örn Kjartansson Gruber Edwards you guys are just. I dont even know! My point is just get married