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Lidia Wylangowska ~ Figurative painter

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Made from soft textiles, sand-washed silks, and personal silhouettes, women's fashion brand Stone Cold Fox’s Spring collection is a dream.

GANESHA Espíritu Libre : Photo Más

Obstacle Breaker # Elefant # Elefantastic # Ganesh # Ganesha # Jahnesh # Jahnesha # Jah We

Flower Arrangement - original painting - by Michael and Inessa Garmash

Michael Garmash ( was born in 1969 Lugansk in the Ukraine ) & Inessa Garmash (born Inessa Kitaichik in 1972 Lipetsk, Russia,, Husband and Wife Team amazing romantic impressionists painter) ~

Saraswati! The Goddess of Wisdom, music and Intellect!

Maha Saraswati, by Harsh Malik. Goddess of Wisdom, Intelligence and Knowledge, Saraswati is playing the Veena. Lotus and swans adding decor and symbolism of Purity and beauty.


No matter what happens in my outside world, I always remember that I am in control of how I react to and perceive it ~ Art ~ Melissa Harris ~ shared from Just Channeling on FB

Goddess Saraswati (Traditional Wash Painting), Creative Painting by Kamna Singh

Goddess Saraswathi (Traditional Wash Painting), Creative Painting by Kamna Singh