This striking equestrian art print depicts a pair of racehorses working on an overcast morning, on the Summer Canter of Newmarket Heath. Originally painted in oil on canvas, this painting captures the spirit of enjoyment and competition between two thoroughbreds exercising on the gallops.

Newmarket Heath's Summer Canter is the setting for this spirited painting of a grey and bay horse being put through their paces, on an overcast English summer morning.

This limited edition print captures the feeling of being stood on the gallops on an early spring morning, watching racehorses in training. You can almost hear the thundering of hooves and the snorting of the horses as they gallop by.

over Epsom Downs by Brett Lohn

Composed on the Ards Peninsula, on the northeast coast of Ireland, the painting reproduced in this limited edition print is a testimony to Brett’s observation skills and his ability to render paint ‘as the eye feels’.

Limited edition fine art print by Brett Lohn. Giclee prints with meaning

Pencil drawings can make striking and attractive prints, captivating in their simplicity. ‘Dawn Raider’ portrays two thoroughbreds working on Newmarket Heath and is full of impact.

Open edition print showing a pencil drawing of racehorses on Newmarket's Summer Canter

Cares Cast is a striking limited edition print and is the fifth painting in the ‘Tuiscint’ collection. Brett has used his skills of observation to powerful effect in producing this rich and colourful Giclee.

Limited Edition Giclee print delivered to your door. Contemporary art that demands understanding

In this limited edition print we see the two figures together for the first time. The waves of grass mimic the motion of a heavy sea, however the figure in green seems to glide effortlessly through the stormy terrain.

We might initially dismiss this painting as a depiction of a man and woman strolling together, hand in hand. That is until we notice that only one person is holding hands whilst the other is reaching out for guidance.

Dark clouds clear as the sun’s fading embers spread their fingers across the evening sky above Epsom Downs Racecourse. In the distance the closing race reaches its thrilling conclusion before the thronging stands. The flags above the Princess and Queen’s stands are taut with the blustery evening breeze.

A beautiful limited edition print depicting evening racing on Epsom Downs, the home of the Derby. An ideal wedding gift for anyone getting married at Epsom Racecourse.

In this limited edition fine art print we are able to witness the exhilaration and drama of the early stages of a race, as the settling field approaches the viewer in a wall of motion, like a tidal wave of galloping muscle and excitement.

An equestrian art painting of horses racing over Epsom Downs