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Girl and cat

Sophia the Witch and her Familiar Stripe.he remained miffed he was not invited to join the Black Cat Society. He considered it discrimination.

Beautiful beautiful!

A tranformation for the waist style introduced by designer Paul Poiret; from S shape in the left side to R shaple in the right side. It released the women waist, make them more confortable but not loosing their femiline look

Robe du soir, 1910

Robe du soir, 1910 Gathered at the natural waist with a straight, relatively narrow skirt. A slim figure is highlighted in dresses from this era.

Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana were called by their parents as Big Pair. They have got similar interests, tastes, principles; Tatiana was a leader in the pair. It is known that before Nikolay II did not get a boy heir he considered Tatiana to become The Empress of Russia.

Olenka and Tatia in 1913 by VelkokneznaMariaDigital Art / Photomanipulation / VelkokneznaMaria Two elder daughters of the last Russian Tsar grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana posing in Originally black and white picture coloured by me.