Max Ernst

'Santa conversazione' by German Surrealist & Dada artist Max Ernst Photo collage, reworked by the artist in pencil & graphite. via Archives Dada

Saul Steinberg

mcnallyperiodicals: “ Le Derrière Cri, “behind the cry”(?), “behind the art”, “the cry of the ass”(? Now here’s le subversive! I know we make pronouncements like this around here ALL THE TIME.

Marcel Duchamp (time to put this shame behind me and start doing the things I enjoy for me and not to prove myself) More

Post Secret (8 photos)

I feel shame, not for the wrong things I have done but for the right things I have failed to do. by Marcel Duchamp

John Stezaker - photomontage

Old hollywood portraits given a new context. by british artist John Stezaker. *I'm obsessed.

dom-ino:  have mies will travel 7 resor house, mars (1937-1938) collage 30” x 40” mies van der rohe

dom-ino:have mies will travel 7 - life on mars edition resor house, mars collage x mies van der rohe

David Hockney

MOVEMENT stacking/layering Shooting Film: "joiners" - Creative Polaroid Collages by David Hockney