Blue Ocean, found in nature par Barry Rosenthal #photo #flatlay

Photographer Barry Rosenthal collects discarded objects found along the coastal areas of New York Harbor to create impeccably organized compositions for his photo series "Found in Nature." More creative photography via Laughing Squid

Here is the work of recent graduate student from the UK, Mandy Barker. Entitled SOUP and named after the term given to plastic debris in the sea, this series of images aim to engage with, and stimulate an emotional response in the viewer by combining a contradiction between initial aesthetic attraction and social awareness. Written by Cyril Foiret

SOUP Series - Mandy Barker - photography of plastic debris found floating in the sea

—Mandy Barker

ocean trash photo collages by mandy barker 'soup: turtle' ingredients: plastic turtles that have circled and existed in the north pacific gyre for 16 years


Barry Rosenthal’s series of jewel-toned garbage collections sheds new light on litter.


Leopoldo Plentz makes large-scale scanner art from crumpled, discarded, anthropomorphic pieces of junk he finds in the streets

bernhard lang

Bernhard Lang

Bottle between sticks

Richard Wentworth's work centres on the idea of transformation, of subtly altering and juxtaposing everyday objects which, in turn, fundamentally changes the way we perceive the world around us.

Mandy Barker Soup

Trash Found in Ocean Collages by Mandy Barker

UK photographer Mandy Barker developed a series of suggestive images entitled ”Soup”, which is a generic name given to the waste debris suspended in the sea.