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Pretty much

Pretty much this is the TRUEST thing EVER! In level three we did this and it was so funny cause our coach just laughed! We had one floor in like Jamestown I think.IT WAS SO BOUNCY!

I know it is like round off back handspring oops I went a little  crooked or to much power ow who knew cement was so hard

It's so true. When we practice tumbling the round off backhand spring back tuck group is put next to the wall so if my tumbling isn't straight I ether get nocked out cold or run into another tumbler


So true Always is!<<<usually before practice its Antarctica and a few hours in it gets to the Sahara desert

Best feeling in the world! Actually made me cry. I remember that night like it happened yesterday.

That is forever the proudest day in your gymnastics career! You never forget your first kip :D (seriously, guys. It took me 6 months to get it!