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My teachers warn us the day before saying "Principal ____ will be in the classroom tomorrow; therefore if I hear word out of you the following day you will be eating in the classroom with me doing work."

True dat doe like one minute the teacher is just like giving us a lecture about why we shouldn't talk then principal walks in the teacher be like you guys are so good we are learning these very hard formulas today

so true teenager posts - Google Search

sleep, talking, unlimited texting, dreaming, yawning - 🙈☺️ Sounds about right - okay going to put my phone away now otherwise I'll never get started!

UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! mooooomm can you get this for me? *NO!* UGHHHHH *SOWLY GETS OUT OF BED AND STOMPS TO GEt what I need*

Ugh same. crap I forgot to pee.

This has happened to me and actually will have to sit down sometimes. And it hurts like no mans business when you actually fall.

This happens to me all the time sometimes its actually really scary. one time i did it and i fell and turned backwards hit my head on the wall and did backwards summersaults the rest of the way down the stairs.>>>Hate when this happens.