vertical garden green wall

Outdoor vertical garden on Living Walls; Garden City via Coco Republic Design Field Notes. Courtyard ideas for vertical greenery.

Why I Rent Apartments When I Travel

Why I Rent Apartments When I Travel

I've been lucky, these past few years, to travel frequently and visit some wonderful places

Warm greeting door nob

Door knockers can be found on front doors all over Europe. When you walk up to a front door and see one, don't you just have to use it? Anyone out there have a knocker on their front door?

mod look

Twiggy first emerged on the fashion scene in the with a highly recognized look, influencing the "mod" era of subculture, originated in Britain. With her prominent features and publicized work, twiggy quickly became an icon for British fashion.


Mod Fashions was a combination of geometric shapes, color blocking, boxy shapes dresses, and short hemlines. It was all about being this new type of modern with colder colors and simpler combinations of colors.