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HEYGATE ESTATE | ELEPHANT & CASTLE | WALWORTH | LONDON BOROUGH OF SOUTHWARK | LONDON | ENGLAND: *Built: 1974; Demolished: 2011-2014; Architect: Tim Timker*

A few outtakes from the B magazine story about brutalism, which I shot back in March. The day I went to shoot Heygate Estate was probably on.

Jeff is wearing our 'Multi Color Shag Jacket' available here:

Jeff Bogaers for The Lovers & Drifters Club

Evelien van Pruissen, 2010: The image is from the collection by Pruissen.

Evelien van Pruissen, The image is from the collection by Pruissen. The garment is a abstract representation of a face and uses large woollen threads, pastel colours and sequins to further reinforce its abstract nature. There is roughness to the wo