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Coffee brewing methods that produce the most caffeiene
Did you know that the way you brew your coffee in the morning has a big impact on how much caffeine is produced? The brew time, coffee dose, application of heat and how much the coffee is agitated all effect how much caffeine is extracted from your coffee. It may surprise you that espresso doesn’t top this list… but the small serving size of a double espresso compared to a full cup of French press means that the overall caffeine content is pretty low in comparison. Find out more on Espresso Insiders, click the link in my bio and search “coffee bean varieties explained”. #coffee #caffeine #brewing
a person pours coffee into a glass cup
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a person pouring coffee into a glass with liquid in it on a white table top
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How to Make The Best Pour Over Coffee
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The 4 Main Types Of Coffee Beans & Everything You Need To Know!
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