EAG have been helping disabled people and their carers get on the road for over 20 years. Our experts tailor the solutions and vehicle to your specific requirements. Each of our 5 dealerships has a dedicated Motability specialist who has been trained by Motability and can help at all stages of the process, from home visits and the paperwork to test drives and selecting the model that best fits your needs.
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Motability Car Scheme - Ordering My Car

This video takes you through the key steps of ordering your Motability vehicle

Motability Car Scheme - Why Choose Motability?

Motorhome Motability Schemes for the Disabled

Many adaptations are available for Motability vehicles to tailor them to your particular needs.

Our customers describe how adaptations may improve your driving or travelling experience

At Essex Auto Group we're not just here to sell you a car -- we're here to support you and your vehicle through thick and thin, MOTs and services.

Motability Car Scheme - support throughout your lease

EAG earned a regional Motability Dealer Award in 2013 and continue to go further for Motability customers.

Read about the latest news and events from Essex, the UK and around the world with Essex Auto Group.

Motability Car Scheme - Choosing a Suitable Car

Motability Car Scheme - choosing a suitable car

Motability Car Scheme - Getting Started

It's easy to join the Motability Scheme - in this video, our customers show us how

Check our website for more information about Motability.

Motability cars for sale in Essex

As a Premier Motability Partner, we go even further to help our Motability customers.

Motability cars for sale in Essex

Are you eligible for Motability?

Essex Auto Group has been providing disabled drivers with Motability cars for 20 years. Our Motability specialists can help you choose the perfect Motability car for you and your family

Many of our Motability customers have been coming to us for years.

Find out more about Essex Auto Group and the Motability vehicles, services and expertise we offer.

Motability Car Scheme - The Difference It Makes

This video describes all the ways in which the Motability Scheme has enhanced the lives of our customers