Add a twist to classic cinnamon buns by adding chunks of chocolate – in this recipe from Nordic Bakery.

Chocolate and cinnamon buns

Flapjacks- use quantities and temp but make the traditional way. Add 30g dedicated coconut and a handful of chopped prunes or apricots to perk it up!

Yummy golden syrup flapjacks

No Butter Sponge Cake BBC Good Food.


The real, actual, proper, straight-from-the-school-cooks-mouth recipe for School Dinners Cornflake Tart

Chocolate fruit cake

Chocolate fruit cake

The prunes in this easy Christmas cake ensure that it is dark, moist and squidgy - but what makes it really special is the chocolate.

Roast Sweet Potato Wedges

Potato wedges

Potato wedges go well with so many different meals but are also great on their own at parties and barbecues;

Easy Bread Pudding Recipe - This Mummy... @thismummy

Firstly, this is bread pudding - not bread and butter pudding. My husband always raved about his mum's bread pudding, but when he told me it was made from leftover bread