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A part of the premium paid or the complete premium paid would be eligible for income tax exemption under the income tax act. Group health insurance is a customized health insurance plan in which the customer can select the benefits as per their needs and requirements.
Firstly, All health insurance companies are best if they are being responsible enough to educate customers about the claim process, and terms & Conditions with utter transparency. Also, in return, if all the customers are aware enough to go through their policy document in detail, no insurance company can cheat them. We got you there, didn't we!

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What are the Advantages of Group Health Insurance?
Pre policy medical checkup is usually conducted at the tieup diagnostic centers of the insurance company and the results are directly shared with the insurance company.
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Sum Insured vs. Sum Assured in Group Health Insurance
Before you choose a group health insurance for your company, it is important to research the difference between insurance policies. Insurance policy documents contain several technical terms that a policyholder needs to understand.
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Things to Consider While Buying Group Health Insurance for a Construction Company
Every type of company has its own requirements when it comes to health insurance. Some companies are relatively high risk when compared to other companies. A high-risk company is a company whose employees operate under less safe working conditions when compared to other companies.
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How are Group Health Insurance Premiums Calculated in India?
For example, the premium of health insurance for a twenty-year-old will be much less than the health insurance premium for a sixty-year-old. This is because the chances of a twenty-year-old contracting a serious illness are much less than that of a sixty-year-old.
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5 Reasons to Offer Group Health Insurance to Your Employees
Group health insurance refers to health insurance that can be availed by a company for its employees. Group health insurance plans can have several advantages over personal health insurance plans. Further, providing group health insurance to employees can also benefit a company in a variety of ways.
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How Do I Claim a Group Health Insurance?
In case of treatment availed from non-cashless hospital the claim can be availed on reimbursement basis where the customer has to pay the bill first and submit the documents to avail the claim.
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What Is Not Covered in Group Health Insurance?
Any kind of medical expenses incurred due to treatment related to rehabilitation from addictive conditions or disorders or from any kind of substance abuse or misuse is not covered under the group health insurance policy.
How Do I Claim A Group Health Insurance?
In case of treatment availed from non-cashless hospital the claim can be availed on reimbursement basis where the customer has to pay the bill first and submit the documents to avail the claim.
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What are the Types of Endorsement Scales in Group Health Insurance?
Some of the reasons may include a change in the relationship between the proposer and the insured, a change in the details of the nominee, an addition or subtraction of a member in the policy, and so on.
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Top Reasons Why Employees Don’t Use Group Health Insurance
They may feel that the policy can only be used in case of large expenses and prolonged hospitalizations. However, most group health insurance policies offer more benefits such as preventative health care and health check-ups, OPD cover, maternity cover, and so on.
What is Corporate Buffer in Group Health Insurance?
A group health insurance policy can be availed by companies for their employees. It is one of the most common benefits offered by corporates to their staff.
Top Healthcare Benefits in Group Health Insurance
As the name suggests, a group health insurance policy is a policy that covers several people. A group health insurance policy can be availed by companies for their employees or by organizations for their members.
How to Add or Delete Employees in Group Health Insurance?
Group health insurance is usually provided by companies as a benefit of employment to employees. Depending on the company, the employees may pay a discounted rate for their insurance or get health insurance completely free of cost from their employer.
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What is Capping or Sub-Limit in a Group Health Insurance Policy?
There are several details in a policy which may seem minor but can have far-reaching consequences. It is better to go through the policy document carefully so that there are no surprises later.
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Corporate Health Insurance When Changing Jobs: Things to Consider
Corporate health insurance would be valid as long as you are with that corporate company, once you leave the company the coverage would not be valid for you.