This reminds me of some of the work that David Hockney did. It would be really cute in a living room or as an engagement photo collage.

In these photo collages, photographer Juan Felipe Rubio creates love stories. In and of itself, each polaroid is a momentary snap in time.

David Hockney  Chair  Modern influence of Cubism

David Hockney photo collage of a chair - Hockney shows how several viewpoints can be combined within the one photo montage to create an image that is intriguing and cohesive, despite the distorted perspective.

david hockney photo collage | David Hockney.

photojoiner-this image is special because it uses the shape of the landscape which creates an intriguing artwork

David Hockney's picture 'Gregory and Shinro (1982)  - it's a development of cubism but describing time rather than space.


David Hockney portraits: Students take 6 photos of themselves. 1. smiling, 2. serious, 3. plain, 4. silly, 5. looking right, and 6. looking left. Students then cut up photos to create a collage/portrait of themselves. Great for teaching perception!

David Hockney, Mother: another manipulated-photo work of art. Hockney is the originator of this technique. *LINK to Cubism*

Photo mosaic of figure skater by David Hockney.    Created for 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo

1984 Olympic Winter Games Sarajevo official poster designed by David Hockney XIV Olympic Winter Games, Sarajevo, 1984 Offset lithograph x in.