Stefan Sagmeister - lou reed ‘set the twilight reeling’ poster, 1996

lou reed ‘set the twilight reeling’ poster by stefan sagmeister, 1996 - I like the way the lines of typography are curved to show the shape of the face.

Stefan Sagmeister - Aizone ​Art Direction & Design Aizone, a luxury department store in the Middle East. Taking the vibrant nature of the brand and presenting it in campaigns that are printed in newspapers, magazines, and billboards throughout Lebanon.

The Aizone Fall/Winter 2013 campaign is focused on bold colorful typography and positive and exuberant energy which reflects the dynamic, vibrant nature of the brand. by Sagmeister & Walsh,

The Small Stakes - Why? concert poster

See a gstring and a guitar with 'why' within guitar. concert poster by The Small Stakes.