Fashion Sketchbook - lingerie illustration; contour fashion design portfolio // Marie Gallagher

Fran: Like the use of illustration over, coloured box's, to highlight and further emphasise certain illustrated areas. Muted tones work well in conveying overall, subtle and soft look. interesting use of shape, and curved line in illustration

So inspirational for this budding mixed-media artist (me) -- Amusantes Vanille by Karen Stamper.. #Collage

ARTFINDER: Amusantes Vanille by Karen Stamper - My work has the overall sense of a painting but as you look close you will see that it is skilfully built up using layers of found papers, tissue and acrylic.

Artist Turns Real Flower Petals Into Fashion Design Illustrations | Bored Panda

Designer Turns Real Flower Petals Into Fashion Illustrations,Grace Ciao, a student from Singapore, uses a clever and original way to draw her fashion design illustrations

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