maybe I should do something like this next spring using Meemaw's old ladder.....using only Deer resistant plants.....prob be a buffet table for them anyway.  : (

A lovely flower pot display for the garden using an old ladder and potted plant colour. Would suit a patio or a small garden or balcony.

Playing with stones | Baby Budgeting

Playing with stones

Love the little stone footprints.I think this will be a family vacation project. Love the little stone footprints.I think this will be a family vacation project. Love the little stone footprints.I think this will be a family vacation project.

Creative garden idea lining up metallic watering cans to spill over water from one to the next down your steps*****Check out our new article "7 Steps to Make That Christmas Cactus Bloom Organically*****

Watering Can Waterfall Fountain. Just need an outdoor pump, some tubing, and watering cans. this is the basic idea of filtering water through drums to save

Creative Garden Container Ideas 5

Creative Garden Container Ideas 5

From old used stuff to extraordinary garden | Site For Everything

From old used stuff to extraordinary garden

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas Use tree stumps and logs as planters! This would be a great use for the old railroad tie in my yard!

This made me think of my hedge outside where I stay. I thought i could use it in my research somehow.

Line the driveway on Johns side - Syzygium australe 'Aussie Southern' / Lilly Pilly. Could be good for screening the neighbour's garage, behind the jacaranda. Looks like it is quite narrow, or can be kept that way at least.

Ok... Sparks an idea. Not with rocks, but I LOVE the idea of putting a family tree outside as yard art!

Family Rock Garden - Natural Keepsakes -The project could easily be done with polished flat stones and weather proof paint or you can purchase pre-made ones from Serenity Health and Home Decor., cute idea for rob and anns site :)

Building a bug hotel via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

How to build a Bug Hotel :: Garden activities for curious kids

Using wire hanging baskets create a 'bug ball topiary tree' by wildlife gadgetman -- help attract beneficial insects.

Portfolio of landscape design practice, Manchester: Poppyhead Consultancy

Oseasons OSRZKENSET-SD-CHWW-L 7 Seater Kensington Rattan Sofa Dining Lounge Set - Chic Walnut

I tried to collect the most attractive and practical examples on how you may incorporate this fancy idea and here there are for you the 25 Stunning Gabion Ideas That You Should Not Miss .

Great Classroom and home activity for kids to get them interested in Bee conservation.

We've caught the crafting bug! "Bee" creative with our Solitary Bees Hotel tutorial. A great home or classroom activity to teach kids about nature and Bee conservation.