Stores were only open Monday to Saturday - closed on Sunday! And often half-day closing on Wednesdays!! So much better.

Stores were only open Monday through Saturday - closed on Sunday! Sunday's were truly days of rest and family. The Blue Law made it illegal to open on Sunday

Waking up to the Milk van coming down the road early in the mornings.

Waking up to the Milk van coming down the street at the wee hours of the morning. And leaving the foil topped bottles on your doorstep to find the little birds have pecked the cream off the top.

Prefect. Such power! My badge was yellow.

Rupert Blanchard on

Hernione and Ron wore badges like this as did the other Prefects at Hogwarts

Magpie Annual, 1976 - Retronaut

Magpie annual 1976 - always just that bit more groovy than Blue Peter!

The Great 70s - 70s Music, 70s Pop Culture, 70s Everything!

Blondie: Parallel Lines Album Cover Parodies. A list of all the groups that have released album covers that look like the Blondie Parallel Lines album.

The Old Wembley Stadium .. Truly a memorable place

*Old Wembley Stadium* / Location: London, England / Openning: 1923 / Closing: 2000 / Capacity: / Old Wembly Stadium was the home of the English Football team and Neutral venue for all English Competition Finals.

Flares and long hair!

ideas for Hitch Hiker - polo tops, top shirts and light coloured flares

It's A Knock Out! Friday evening TV.

It's a Knock Out.rolling around the floor laughing, especially the games with the huge costumes that meant the person inside couldn't see where they were going.

Making a den. Mine was at the bottom of the garden, and made of old bits of wood that would often collapse on us!

Making a camp. In the garden - An old sheet over the washing line and pegged out each side. with old net cutains and army blankets to cover the openings. Indoors when it was wet outside - An old sheet over the dining table.

Tina Charles - I Love To Love - school disco!

Tina Charles - I Love To Love. Showing my age now, but this song was number one when I was born.

Spot The Ball. My nan did this, won the jackpot and went for a cruise to Australia!

Does anyone remember these competitions in the Sunday newspaper especially this one Spot the Ball. My dad filled this one in every week and I was responsible for getting the postal order and stamp and posting it in the GPO.