For the Love of Learning: DIY Counting Activity - Simple & Educational

For the Love of Learning: DIY Counting Activity - Simple & Educational Love the idea of muffin tin inserts so that you can easily switch out the skill.

great math activity!

Stamping with Dice

Dice stamping to do math Could simplify to match dots on dice to numbers on another sheet.perhaps use larger dice for easier stamping.

Lovely idea.... could also do doubles... joining them together ... 1 and 2 2 and 4 3 and 6 etc LH

Number Order By Sandra I Ruiz. This could be an activity for younger siblings at a Family Math Night.

Great activity with kids. Works on counting, number recognition & fine motor skills. Wasn't too hard for a 3 year old & 6 year olds really like it too. They added the difficulty of patterns to reach the right number/pipe cleaner.

Rockabye Butterfly: Hands-on Counting Activities - Beads on a Pipe Cleaner Activity

reception classroom displays - Google Search

Number formation display I think this is fabulous for engaging the boys.introduce one number at a time and slowly build it up.

This is such a clever way to start teaching kinds about number bonds, how two numbers together make a new number. Great hands on math for Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade kids

Decomposing numbers with dominoes - start with a number in a circle and have students place the dominoes that add up to that number (use as a strategy for struggling students to develop number sense)

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