Paper Landscape Illustrated by Eiko Ojala. See the whole piece on Colossal:

"Vertical Landscape" by Eiko Ojala. It looks like a paper landscape but the artist actually works digitally and hand-draws all the elements to look like they're cut out of people. (Hint: the shadows help!

New carved book sculptures by Guy Laramee

Artist Guy Laramee‘s new book sculptures are as usual creative and full of meticulous carving. Guy is known for his marvelous carving in book arts. The books

Anthropologie window display.

Anthropology window display of book art; creative folds give a lovely dimension to this display. Would not really want to destroy old books . So ok it looks good but.old books?

Paper artist Sachin Tekade | Seismic haikus

Sachin Tekade - Seismic 2012 Indian paper artist Sachin Tekade deconstructed architecture and patterns created as a consequence of seismic activity. Flowing patterns and dynamic blasts characterise the works in this series.

Saatchi Online Artist Loui Jover; Drawing, "swan" #art

LOVE this idea Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Pen and Ink, Drawing "swan" love the implied line

30 minute collograph lesson plan from San Diego's New Children's Museum

30 minute Collograph printmaking lesson plan from San Diego's New Children's Museum

Irving Harper: Works in Paper

design-is-fine: “ Irving Harper, paper owl sculpture. From the book Irving Harper - Works in Paper. Edited by Michael Maharam. Via Skira Rizzoli, USA. James Dee “ “Cut from cardboard, folded in.

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New Portraits Drawn on Vintage Envelopes by Mark Powell. Powell executes each drawing with a standard Bic Biro pen using stamped and faded envelopes that traversed the European postal system more than a century ago.

New Bird Illustrations on Vintage Envelopes from Artist Mark Powell. See many more at the link:

Birds Illustrated on Vintage Envelopes by Mark Powell paper illustration birds and oddly my tattoo