homemade Cadbury Creme Egg fudgy brownies. (I'm also dreaming of the possibilities for the creme filling...between cake layers, as a cupcake filling, spread on a hot biscuit or waffle...Oh, no cooking required for the filling either!) for you Broome

Cadbury Cream Egg Milk Chocolate Brownies Yield- One inch pan Note: Does not require cadbury creme eggs; does require yellow food coloring, although it is not included in the ingredients list

Unique and unusual wedding favours. Personalised love hearts. Find more wedding favour ideas here http://raspberrywedding.com/category/raspberry-wedding/decoration/stationeryandfavours/

4 mini rolls of original Love Hearts, with example personalised wrappers. 2 of the rolls have standard messages in, and 2 of the rolls have JUST MARRIED tablets in. Our personalised Love Hearts will delight your guests and make your

An advert for Smarties

Sweet dreams are made of this: York tourist attraction to illustrate our love affair with chocolate

Giant Twix!

How to make an amazing giant Twix

No-bake giant Twix bar. Layers of melted chocolate, melted caramel, and shortbread wafers. by Elise at MyCupcakeAddiction

UK - Neslte's Milky Bar 2p candy wrapper - 1970's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

"The milky bars are on me!" - Used to love the taste of white chocolate milky bar

British confectioners Swizzels-Matlow first produced Lovehearts as a novelty Christmas cracker filler in the 1950s. Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of few people to ever be honoured with personalised Lovehearts when she visited the factory in 1990, receiving a pack with royal names including "Prince William" and "Prince Harry" stamped on each sweet.

Love heart sweets, only with lonely phrases, opposite of what they are like the lonely hearts ads

parma violets  - detested these  and we thought they were drugs = Purple Hearts!

Parma Violets one of my favourite ever sweets. A few years ago I tasted Parma Violet vodka.

11 Foods and Drinks Banned In the United States - 11 Points

Kinder Surprise Eggs, or just Kinder Eggs, are a hot item for confiscation at US borders, and the popular European chocolate egg with a toy in it is one of those nice things Americans just .

This is a good idea for favours! Easy and fun table activity for all ages!

Kinder eggs, wish they sold these in the USA. Luckily I have family in Argentina to smuggle some for us. We brought a lot on our last trip too.

Jammie Dodgers are a popular British biscuit, made from shortbread with a raspberry flavoured jam filling.

Someone send me my favorite Brit food stat! Jammie Dodgers are a popular British biscuit, made from shortbread with a raspberry flavoured jam filling.