Great Color Combinations Interesting...and helpful for those like me who are fashion-challenged!

Great Color Combinations

Wrapping with yarn! I would love getting gifts like these!!

28 Unicorn-Approved Rainbow DIYs

WRAP IT UP~ Love this fun idea with making your own doodle art on brown paper using sharpies and whiteout. I also use Tulip paint and take coloring book Christmas pages, color them and then outline and dot things in the picture with the paint on the plain

Gorgeous rainbow entrelac socks. Non li farò mai, ma sono proprio belli!

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Obras 2015 - Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

Who are some of your favourite artists? I love textile arts.I love anything tactile.this one is colorful pebbles textile art by serena garcia della venezia

lampworking, glass beads, necklace.

Necklace, by Jenine Bressner - Glass beads & sterling silver. All glass beads and sterling silver are flameworked and forged by Jenine Bressner.

Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia - stunning textile art from small handmade fabric balls that she then groups together. Growth and accumulation, order and chaos are the driving inspiration behind her work. The effect is somewhat pixelated in the end, full of

Color: Books, Apps & Tools to make your life easier | Quotes

The Psychology of Colour

An Infographic On The Psychology of Color. Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest color pallet for a new project.

Woolmarks Campaign for Wool, which featured Jenny Kees

by Jenny Kee, the iconic Australian fashion pioneer of the with a passion for vivid colors and designs of the Australian bush. LOVE ALL THE COLOR

Nike Savvas   Colour, Pattern and Form

Nike Savvas - Colour, Pattern and Form

These captivating rainbow coloured webs strung across geometric frames, are the work of Australian artist Nike Savvas. ’Liberty and Anarchy’.