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3_The Impossible Voyage (1904, dir. Georges Méliès)

The Impossible Voyage dir. Georges Méliès): Explorers wanting to discover outer space accidentally fly into the mouth of the sun as it yawns. Coloring was done frame by frame by women in a production-line-method.

The films of Georges Melies together with the French band Air. UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!

The 1902 silent movie A Trip to the Moon by the French film-maker Georges Melies has been restored in one of the most complex and ambitious movie projects ever.

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Le Voyage dans la Lune (Georges Melies 1902) Tableau 7f

softpyramid: “ Georges Méliès LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE / A TRIP TO THE MOON 1902 Finally got my copy with the new soundtrack by French electronic duo Air. dumbfounding that its from 1902 but just as magical as.