We made some home made finger paint today and had great fun with our little group of Mums and tots with babies as young as 6 months getting involved in the action! It’s totally edible (though not that delicious!) and completely non-toxic, and the best part is it was so easy to make and will...Read More »

Homemade Edible Finger Paint Recipe

How to make some rainbow coloured spaghetti for glorious sensory play and playful literacy learning too!

Rainbow Alphabet Spaghetti

The Imagination Tree: Messy Play: Rainbow Spaghetti! Cook spaghetti, divide into bowls, add a bit of oil and food coloring. Let the kids play. Fun for them to cut with scissors too.

If you follow me on Facebook you may remember I posted a while back about the pink bath that I gave the girls one day! And I wondered how I had never thought of something so simple and fun before?!                              Well,...Read More »

Multi-Sensory Bath Times

bowl of frozen fractals soup, science activities

Frozen Fractals Soup Activity - Ice Play for Kids