Some more knitting spools

more knitting spools - hey knitting nancy! miniature loom knitting to create cord.

Elaine Pamphilon

Elaine Pamphilon via Yew Tree Gallery Elaine Pamphilon via Adam Gallery Elaine Pamphilon artist / harpist Elaine Pamphil.

Elaine Pamphilon

'Walking round the Gurnard Head' by English artist & printmaker Elaine Pamphilon Mixed media on canvas, 80 x 120 cm. via the artist's site

Elaine Pamphilon

The mixed media works of UK artist Elain Pamphilon capture the ordinary in an incredibly special way.

riverbeds, hayle estuary  ELAINE PAMPHILON  Mixed media on canvas  120 x 150 cm

Elaine Pamphilon, riverbeds hayle estuary mixed media on canvas 120 x 150 cm

Elaine Pamphilon

or on the shelf . preferably scrubbed wood in a kitchen . in the studio . in the homes of ar.

Elaine Pamphilon, Seascapes 1

Elaine Pamphion, Blue silk water in the estuary, mixed media on canvas,