Amazing bouquet!

calla lily bouquet ~ this is the most beautiful calla Lilly bouquet I've ever seen! Nobody really knows how to use calla Lillie's an this one is amazing!

Purple calla lily bouquet add some white roses & this will be my bouquet

* pretty color This is the accent color I was talking about yesterday! It would look beautiful with the rust colored orchids!

La boda de Miguel Ángel Perera #boda #torero #vestidodenovia

I love the way the flowers are stacked. To each her own, but I don't want my bouquet to be thick as a tree trunk La boda de Miguel Ángel Perera

deep red bouquet

Chicago Wedding At The Wooden Gallery From Artisan Events Photography

It’s hard to find a more unusual flower with such a deeply rooted cultural and historical significance as the calla lily.


Hot red Calla Lilies are known for having the energetic properties of attracting and enhancing a romantic relationship. They also mean "I love you" to your soul mate.