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That doesn't happen if you take care of your feet and wear proper gear and not lambs wool like they used to so this post is very inaccurate! At least from my perspective.

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I was so intimidated at the Nutcracker auditions because of the other girls showing off and stretching/warming up.

You know you're a dancer when...#dancer #problems

real_world_ballerina-Long hallway: Must resist urge to tombe pas de bourree glissade saut de chat! Oh this is so funny and so true!>>so true only I jeté at the end instead of a saut de chat!

The cracking sounds at dance class... #truth #dancerprobs

The cracking sounds at dance class. Story of my life, an OLD dancers life.

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Dance or geek board. AH my inner geeky dancer is so happy right now! Edit: also this is by far my most popular pin so I would really appreciate it if u guys checked out my other pins too, thanks :)