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Get some vintage inspiration for your barnet with this Gentlemen's Hairstyle Guide from Parlor Tattoo Prints. This stylish print is

1920s Men’s Fashions: Historical Context The trending style sentiments of the 1920s set the standard for men’s suiting options today. As industries grew and businesses thrived, new formal styles which revolved around the suit were coming to the mainstream. The introduction of tailored suiting to everyday life was made easier with innovations in clothing development and the rise of the department store catalogue, which gave men living in rural areas ...

1920s Men's Fashions: Formal Trends Featuring Suits, Dress Shirts & Accessories

Example of Three piece tailored suits! The Yale University Whiffenpoofs of The cappella group embraces the fashions of the times with sharp, tailored three-piece suits.

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Downton Abbey Men's Costume Guide to the 1920's

Mens hats from the were very big. They often had a strap on them made of silk, velvet, or cloth to give them an extra pop.

Casual men's 1920s look can be worn with or without a pullover vest. VintageDancer.com/1920s

7 Easy 1920s Men's Costumes Ideas

Mugshot from the 1920s gangster squad - still, can't help thinking he's a bit of a dandy...

vintage mugshots black and white 15 Fashion Through the Lens of Police Mugshots

Actor Charlie Chaplin wears a polka dot bow-tie.

1920s Men's Fashions: Formal Trends Featuring Suits, Dress Shirts & Accessories

Two toned brogues, high peak waistcoats, high pant waistlines, exposed socks, ties and pocket squares

Influence of the 1920's Suit on Modern Menswear

Old and new Gatsby lovers alike will agree, in Gatsby’s world, ‘a little party never killed nobody.’ The Jazz Age screams indulgence and opulence beyond compare;

1920s men's fashion

Two British blokes dressed in Norfolk Jackets and Plus Fours

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This look like nick's nice clothes, the regular tie just gives that look and the matching vest and pants.

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Maybe a bow tie instead will give it a jauntier look . Love the staw hat - Pat