I wish you could still buy packaged wardrobes like in the #50s. Adorable!

Vintage Fashion: Tuppence Ha'penny - Travelling Light - Weekend Wardrobes 4 piece sets ( 4 pieces make 4 different outfits)

1950s Blue Jeweled Collar Halter Dress | From a collection of rare vintage day dresses at https://www.1stdibs.com/fashion/clothing/day-dresses/

1950s Blue Jeweled Collar Halter Dress

Vintage style cocktail dress!

1950s style cocktail dress

1950s Fashion vintage style full halter red white blue pink dress for Women: 1950s Circle Skirts  #1950sfashion

What Did Women Wear in the 1950s?

Patio skirt - Again, look at the idea of different colored panels if you don't have enough of the fashion fabric.

Vintage Sewing Pattern  1950s fashion

Vintage Sewing Pattern: now just drape some black feathers from the waistline and it will be that incredible dress on Grace Kelly in Rear Window!