Late 1960's to early 1970's. The knee high socks, & loafers w/ heels. wore those ALady

1969 - Wool plaid miniskirt red yellow blue black pink grey brown models magazine knee socks tights blouse shirt shoes mod skirt 'New, youth-movement casuals, zip-zapped with color, distinguished with detailing, mobile with pleats.

1960s yellow babydoll

The Sixties and Seventies: Bright colors straight hair, and she is wearing a baby doll dress.

She Comes in Colours Everywhere (Pandora)

She Comes in Colours Everywhere (Pandora)

Retro girl Edie Campbell by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Germany March 2013 via Jelanié.

Sharon Tate & Barbara Bouchet                              …

themaninthegreenshirt: “ Sharon Tate and Barbara Bouchet, Playboy London Club Casino 1966 ”

Longevity: The model started her career when she was 14 and is still in demand today

Twiggy: Of course I've got a muffin top! The model talks to LIZ JONES about facelifts, dodgy ankles and her 'lumps and bumps'

Twiggy Em 1964 a mini-saia surge, sendo da responsabilidade de Courrèges…