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I absolutely love the first two seasons of Friends! Mainly because the wardrobe for the cast is purely amazing. My favorite character is Monica who also happens to be another one of my style icons. I'm loving this casual outfit with the high waisted denim

Remember when she was the most stylish person of all time?

34 Rachel Green Fashion Moments You Forgot You Were Obsessed with on 'Friends'

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Uh, The 'Rachel'?! 10 Times Jennifer Aniston Taught Us Everything About Style

Read 'Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc used to ‘make out’ in the Friends dressing room, apparently!' on Heat's Celebrity news. Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc’s relationship was more like Rachel and .

Girls in oversized clothes showing their jeans, Manchester 1990s

Theme of the Week #5 Madchester – Rave On!

street style 90s denim dungarees worn with oversize jumper and trainers

street style denim dungarees worn with oversize jumper and trainers. Love this for autumn, shame my dungarees are short

Confetti Crowd: Pretty Little Thing

Confetti Crowd: Pretty Little Thing (HELIBELLS)

Bananarama - Band Aid 1984

Bananarama - Band Aid 1984 Keren Woodward, Siobhan Fahey and Sara Dallin.

monica geller how a person can be so beautiful

monica geller - I can't explain why, but she is BEAUTIFUL in this picture, the dark messy hair, red shirt and lipstick = stunning