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Random Inspiration #28

Wow this is a beautiful car. Audi R8 Exclusive Selection Edition

Luxury car brand Audi will create 2012 models exclusively for the U. The company announced today that 50 Audi vehicles will be produced, Twenty 2012 Exclusive Selection Edition vehicles and 30 2012 Exclusive Selection Edition

The Audi R8. Sporty. Refined. Elegant. The perfect car for the discerning man about town. | Fifty Shades of Grey | In Theaters Valentine's Day

Random Inspiration #24

The only thing wrong with it.its a Audi. Last one I had, the gas pedel stuck, windows didn't roll down and the topper.let me stranded every time the left my home town.

Audi R8, sweet color, 2nd favorite car ever....if its a TDI!

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Audi R8 Spyder, by Auto Clasico, on Flickr.  What would you drive with a million dollars? Join thousands of enthusiasts on, the website NBC calls "The best way to order California lottery tickets online!"

Audi Spyder, by Auto Clasico, on cars sports cars sport cars vs lamborghini

I love Audis, but if I am going to spend the money, I would definitely make it one HOT color! :) CHIC STYLE!

Random Inspiration #35

Majestic Black Audi ~ This would be my ride if I was a rich girl

AUDI R8. A rocket! A weapon! A matter to visit our customers in Cologne or Dusseldorf or Munich... Anyway, I MUST DRIVE THIS CAR SOMETIME!

The audi is beauty in its own. A supercar from alwayz known luxury car manufacturer 'audi'.When we consider the finest sports cars in ter.

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Random Inspiration 107

I have this weird obsession with MATTE BLACK I love this car - matte black Audi - Luxury Car Connection